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Quick Rate Calculator for Mortgage | Landmark National Bank

Quick Rate Calculator from Landmark National Bank Determining your options for a mortgage doesn’t have to be complete guesswork. If you’re short on time but want immediate loan-related answers before you talk to a loan officer, Landmark Bank has your back with our convenient, easy to use Quick Rates Calculator. Discover your mortgage loan options […]

Veterans Affairs Home Loans

Helping Veterans, Active-Duty Personnel, and Surviving Spouses Buy a Home Buying a home is no easy feat. For many, it takes years of hard work, budgeting, and saving to even consider purchasing a home. But, for veterans, active duty service members, and widowed military spouses, buying a home can be even more of a challenge […]

USDA Loans

Affordable Mortgages for Rural and Suburban Home Buyers If you are a home buyer looking to live near the plains rather than the pavement, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Landmark National Bank have a mortgage loan just for you: a USDA loan. This type of home loan requires zero down payments for low- to […]