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Zach Streit

With over eight years of banking experience, Zach focuses on enhancing and developing relationships with business owners that desire trust and confidence in their banking relationship.

What Is Title Fraud and How Do I Avoid It?

Your home is likely the biggest purchase you’ll ever make in terms of investment, stability, and personal accomplishment. However, amid the excitement of acquiring a new property, it’s crucial you’re aware of the potential risks that could compromise your financial security. The biggest such risk is title fraud, which this blog from Landmark National Bank will […]

Make Smarter Spending Choices With These Important Questions

Make Smarter Spending Choices With These Important Questions In today’s fast-paced world, making spur-of-the-moment purchases has become almost second nature for many of us. Whether it’s a shiny new gadget, the latest fashion trend, or an impulse buy in the grocery store checkout line, we often find ourselves reaching for our wallets without giving it […]

How We Hire

How We Hire A Step-By-Step Guide to Our Hiring Process We take hiring seriously at Landmark. We spend time getting to know our candidates to ensure they are the right fit for the position. We want every associate at Landmark to be successful, so we must take the time to make the best match. Feel […]


Careers Explore Bank Careers With Landmark When you work at Landmark, you’ll find we are all about Culture, Connection, and Contribution.  Landmark is the place for you if you’re looking for a career that allows you to make a difference in your community. Our team members build relationships beyond transactions and provide excellent service to […]

Financial Book Suggestions

Financial Book Suggestions In a world driven by financial complexities, it’s crucial to equip yourself with the knowledge and principles necessary to navigate the intricate landscape of personal finance. Whether you’re a recent graduate entering the workforce, a seasoned investor, or someone looking to improve their financial literacy, reading the right books can be a […]