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Landmark Art

We have always been art lovers, and in 2007, we commissioned Kansas artist Jamie Lavin to paint the Kansas Landmarks Collection Series.  The series includes sixteen original paintings that encompass historic Kansas landmarks corresponding to many of our locations.  In addition to our own collection, we regularly feature works by area artists in some of our branches.  You’ll find more info on our current exhibits below.


Artists: John Geery and Erika Kjorlie Geery

John graduated from KU in 1989 and works in a Japanese-style traditional watercolor technique and Erika graduated from Washburn in 2001 and works in acrylics and photography.


Prairie Village

Artist:  Karrie Baxley

Karrie Baxley’s art is created from the eyes of the feminine, embracing the beauty of the human form as her muse, bringing forth the communion of experiences, beauty, and memories merging of man and nature.

Artist Karrie Baxley       

Interested in showing in Prairie Village? Click here.

Kansas Landmarks Collection

Artist: Jamie Lavin