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Why Your Small Business Needs a Point of Sale System

Regardless of business size, if you are at the helm of a business that makes its sales over a counter, you probably have some point of sale (POS) system in place. While you may currently use a traditional cash register with a credit card slider, there’s a more secure, more efficient piece of technology on the market that will take your sales process to the next level: a mobile point of sale system.

Whether you manage a boutique, hair salon, food truck, or small business, we understand how important efficient customer service and accurate transaction management are to your success. That’s why we recommend the Clover Flex.

Cut Down on Customers’ Wait Time

Engineered to keep small business moving, wherever your business is found, the Clover Flex thrives in its autonomy. Whether your operations involve customers in a line, at a table, or in the field, the Clover Flex’s handheld POS system maneuverability allows it to go where other point of sale systems cannot.

With the Clover Flex in hand, you are not restricted to any particular location, allowing you the freedom to navigate your store, chat with customers to figure out their needs, and create more opportunities for a successful sale. The easier it is for your customers to complete a transaction, the more likely they are to pull the trigger on your product or service.

Make the Most of Your Store Space

Featuring a 5-inch screen and simple 1-pound heft, the ease of transporting the Clover Flex is indisputable on a practical level. With this easily stored, easily carried, handheld POS system, you can dedicate more of your store space to setting up eye-catching displays, marketing banners, and otherwise creating an inviting space where customers are comfortable and free to see everything your store has to offer.

Because there’s also a reporting feature, you don’t need to waste space tracking paper files, either. More on that in a bit.

Accept a Wider Range of Payment Options

The Clover Flex is a mobile POS system that’s loaded with customization options, so you only need the features relevant to your specific operations. It’s your decision whether to accept debit, credit, cash, or check, or to integrate a prompt for tips into the purchase process. The Clover Flex can also accommodate different card payment features, such as a magnetic strip reader, chip slot, or tap function, so you can ensure that no customer is lost because you are unable to take a payment.

In the circumstance that a refund is required, the Clover Flex also has a quick and intuitive function to help reverse any sales, helping reduce frustration for both you and your customer to preserve customer loyalty.

Open New Opportunities for Pop-Up Events

Have you dreamed of taking your taco truck on the road? Perhaps run a four-stop pop-up campaign across the major Kansas cities? Maybe you’ve come across the opportunity to have your services featured at a local music festival?

Regardless of the details, the freedom afforded to those with a portable POS system cannot be understated. If you’d never entertained the possibility of pop-ups or similar events in the past, the Clover Flex has you covered, so be as adventurous as you want. You never know when you’ll discover a new market and new audience for your product or service.

Improved Business Management with Digital Reports

The Clover Flex provides the options to review taxes, applied discounts, payments received, and stock sold. Through an advanced array of reporting options, we know you’re able to remain organized, efficient, and effective in planning your small business strategies.

Looking at the payments review gives access not only to gross totals, but other useful information such as transaction count, tip total, refunds processed, and net totals. All of these are customizable to certain windows of time, so you can better track productivity at certain times, or pinpoint certain key information you may be looking for in your business turnout, such as how much of a certain item was sold in the afternoon.

Streamline Your Small Business Strategy with Landmark and Clover Flex

At Landmark National Bank, we’re proud to help small businesses improve their operations through our partnership with Clover and our commercial banking accounts, loans, and services

Contact your local Landmark location and learn how to integrate your accounts with your Clover Flex system so you can optimize not only the sales process, but your entire financial operation. We can’t wait to help you take the next step toward building your small business today!

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