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Online Cash Management

Manage your business easily and efficiently through our secure online financial management system. Landmark National Bank offers commercial customers a choice of four levels of management services, depending on your needs.

Cash Manager Basic

  • Account Access – View checking, savings, certificates of deposit or loan accounts online.
  • Internal Transfers – Transfer funds between accounts.
  • Stop Payments – Initiate stop payments. (Subject to standard Stop Pay Request fees)
  • Bill Payment – Pay bills online.

Cash Manager Wire

Our Cash Manager Wire has all of the features of Cash Manager Basic, plus:

  • Wire Transfer Service – Initiate domestic wire requests. Wire transfers can also be scheduled in advance, or sent same day when received by 2:00 pm CST.   Discounted wire fees apply to wires initiated through Cash Manager Wire.

Cash Manager ACH

Our Cash Manager ACH has all of the features of Cash Manager Basic, plus:

  • ACH Payments – Allows your business to send payments to vendors that  accept ACH payments.
  • ACH Payroll – Provides you with the ability to originate payroll via direct deposit into your employees’ accounts. This service also allows you to distribute your employees’ direct deposit between as many as four accounts at different financial institutions.
  • ACH Receipts – Use this feature to collect funds owed to you by your customers.
  • ACH Collections – Use this tool to collect recurring dues or fees from members or clients. Collections allows your business or organization to debit multiple accounts at the same time while crediting your account for the sum of the items.
  • EFTPS (Electronic Federal Tax Payment Service) – Allows your business to send funds for federal tax payments straight to the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Send a File – Is a feature that allows your business to transmit an ACH formatted file to Landmark National Bank. This feature is used in conjunction with your own software program which actually creates the ACH file.

Cash Manager Suite

Cash Manager Suite includes all the features of Cash Manager Basic, Cash Manager Wire, and Cash Manager ACH in one convenient package.

Positive Pay

Positive Pay is an automated fraud detection tool that can be added to any of our Cash Management packages.  This service matches the account number, check number, and dollar amount of each check presented for payment against a list of checks previously authorized and issued by your business.

For complete details on all of our cash management options, watch our short tutorial video below, or check out our click-thru demo!

Interactive Video Player

Interactive Video Player