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Payable Solutions

ACH Payments

Reduce your processing costs and improve the efficiency of your Accounts Payable department.  With Landmark’s Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments, you can send one-time or repeat payments to vendors that accept ACH payments.  You’ll gain more control of the timing of payments posting to your account and reduce your exposure to paper check fraud.

ACH Payroll – Originate payroll via direct deposit into your employees’ accounts. This service also allows you to distribute your employees’ direct deposit between as many as four accounts at different financial institutions.

Electronic Federal Tax Payment Service – Send funds for federal tax payments straight to the Internal Revenue Service.

Wire Transfers

Need to move money securely and quickly?  Wires are the fastest way to send money, and our online wire service allows you to schedule wires in advance and create templates for repeat payments.  You’ll also receive discounted wire fees for wires initiated through our online wire manager. Need additional payment solutions?  Learn more about our Business Debit CardsCredit Cards and Payroll Card Solution.

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At Landmark National Bank, we are dedicated to remaining a community bank that provides high-quality financial services for both personal and professional use. Interested in learning more about the banking solutions we offer? Feel free to reach out to one of our friendly, knowledgeable team members today. We look forward to hearing from you!

Landmark National Bank is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Landmark Bancorp, Inc, a bank holding company that is headquartered in Manhattan, Kansas.

The company is listed on the NASDAQ Stock Market Small-cap System (symbol “LARK”, with a newspaper abbreviation of LARK). 

 Landmark National Bank’s transit routing number is 301171007.