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Commercial banker Gregg Motley

Gregg Motley

With more than forty years of business and agricultural experience in both small and large markets, Gregg Motley works with businesses to build them from the ground up. He supports his small and midsize business clients with their bylaw structures, operating agreements, and when making growth decisions. If you have questions about vendors, Gregg can answer them. He can help you find the right advisors for your specific industry.


BA, Accounting and Economics, Greenville University, Greenville, IL

Graduate Degree Bank Management, CBA Graduate School of Management, University of Virginia


Gregg is very active in the community. He serves as the Immediate Past Chairman of the Board of the Fort Scott Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and Treasurer of Fort Scott Rotary Club. Other positions he holds in the community include Grant Committee Chairman and Board Member of the Fort Scott Area Community Foundation.

Gregg is also part of the Bourbon County Economic Development Committee, City of Fort Scott Visioning Committee, and Bourbon County CASA, and serves as the program director for the Fort Scott High School Mentoring Program. In his spare time, he enjoys golf and gardening.

Why Landmark?

"People are seldom more vulnerable than when they apply for a loan. I consider those moments a sacred trust and a duty to apply my experience to help structure the transaction to their best advantage. It is most gratifying to see my clients succeed."