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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions that we have received from our customers over the years. If you are interested in a specific topic, you can click one of the links below to go directly to that category.

Banking Basics

What is my routing number and why do I need to know it?

Every bank has a transit routing number assigned.  If you are providing your account number to someone for payment purposes, the routing number is what tells that vendor which bank has your account.  Landmark’s routing number is 301171007.

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Which transactions does the bank process first?

In general, each business day, we post deposits and other credits before we post withdrawals and debits.  When processing withdrawals, we post cash withdrawals first, then ATM and debit card transactions, followed by ACH payments.  Each of those items are posted in order of lowest dollar amount to highest dollar amount.  Checks are posted to your account last and posted in check number order.

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What is a "pending transaction"?

A pending transaction is one that has not yet cleared your account.  Not all transactions will show up as pending before they clear.  Pending transactions may also change before they clear.  For example, if you’ve used your debit card at a restaurant, the pending transaction may show the purchase amount only, and then the final transaction will reflect the addition of the tip once it has cleared your account.

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How do I change or reset the PIN on my debit card?

You can easily set the PIN on your debit card by calling our automated telephone line at 1-800-567-3451.  You will be asked to provide answers to a few personal questions in order to verify your identity, and then you will be prompted to enter a new PIN.

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What documentation do I need to change my name on my account?

You must have the legal documentation showing the reason for the name change (ex. Marriage license, divorce decree, etc) and present your updated identification (such as the driver’s license). A new signature card will be printed for all individuals on the account to sign.

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How do I add or remove someone from my account?

To ADD someone to your account, you must make sure that person is present with you and has current identification (driver’s license, state issued ID, etc). A new signature card will be printed for all individuals on the account to sign.

To REMOVE someone from your account, the person being removed will need to sign a Change of Ownership form. This form must be completed at a Landmark National Bank branch and notarized. A new signature card will be printed for any remaining individuals on the account to sign.

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Mobile Banking

Will Mobile Banking work with my cell phone?

Mobile Banking works with virtually all modern cell phones.  Depending on your phone’s capabilities and your service plan, you can choose between TXT Banking, Mobile Web Banking and App Banking.

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Is there a fee for Mobile Banking?

Landmark National Bank does not charge a fee.  However, your mobile carrier may charge for data usage or text messaging.

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How do I use the TXT Banking feature of Mobile Banking?

Once you are enrolled, simply send a text message with the appropriate command to 99588.  For example, you can text BALANCE to request your available account balance.

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How long does a Mobile Banking transfer take to post to my account?

The transfer should appear in your account within 10-60 seconds, depending on several factors, such as your wireless reception.

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What should I do if I lose my cell phone?

No confidential information is stored on your cell phone.  However, you can immediately disable your Mobile Banking access at any time.  Simply log into your Online Banking account from any computer, click on “Other Services” and then choose “Mobile Banking.” You can disable your mobile access until you get a replacement phone.

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Is Mobile Banking secure?

We use similar encryption technologies, like we do in Online Banking, to ensure that your transactions are secure.  Mobile Banking does not transmit confidential data, such as full account numbers.

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Mobile Deposit

What do I need to use Mobile Deposit?

You will need a mobile phone with a camera of at least 2 megapixels or higher in resolutions, as well as a wireless data plan with your carrier. You will also need to download our mobile banking app, which is available in both the Apple and Google Play stores.

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Can I use Mobile Deposit to make a deposit to any of my accounts?

Currently, Mobile Deposit is available for checking and savings accounts.

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Will I need to delete the photo of my check after I send it for deposit?

No.  With Mobile Deposit, the image of your check disappears once the deposit is sent to the bank.  The photo is not stored anywhere in your phone.

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How is a Mobile Deposit different than a regular deposit?

You will need to use a different endorsement when making a Mobile Deposit.  You must endorse the back of the check you are depositing with your signature and the words “For Mobile Deposit Only”.  And, there is no need for a deposit slip!

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When will I get credit for my Mobile Deposit?

Funds from the mobile check deposit will generally be credited to your account by the end of the business day we receive your deposit, if received before 7:00 pm CST. Mobile deposit check images received by us after 7:00 pm CST, or on non-business days, will not be available for credit to your account until the next business day.  Non-business days include Saturday, Sunday and any federal holiday.

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