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Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions or concerns? Below, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions that we have received from our customers over the years. If you are interested in a specific topic, you can navigate to one of the links below to jump directly to that category. Note: If you have a question […]

Personal Savings Accounts

Save Your Money, Earn Interest, and Invest in Your Future Whether you’re looking to grow your savings or invest in your future, Landmark National Bank’s personal savings accounts can help you reach your financial goals. From interest-bearing savings accounts to individual retirement accounts (IRAs) and certificates of deposit (CDs), you can learn more about our […]

Personal Banking Cards

Visa® Debit Cards, Credit Cards, and Gift & Travel Cards  When you need a personal banking card that suits your lifestyle, Landmark National Bank is here to help. Whether you’re looking for a debit card that earns you rewards, a credit card with a great rate, or a gift or travel card, we can pair […]

About Landmark National Bank

Start as a Customer, Leave as a Friend Landmark National Bank’s roots trace back to April 22, 1885, when it was originally chartered under the name Manhattan Buildings & Savings Association. As our bank’s footprint has expanded over the last century, our name has changed to reflect the growing number of communities we serve throughout […]

How to make a budget plan from scratch and stick to it.

Making a personal budget plan has never been more important, especially on the heels of the pandemic. From staying prepared for a potential layoff to reaching important financial goals, creating a budget is the first step to establishing financial security and stability. But just how do you go about setting up a budget? And how […]

Is a cash-out refinance a good idea? Here’s what you should know.

When it comes to refinancing your home, a cash-out refinance loan can be an alluring option—especially if you are looking to make home improvements or consolidate high-interest debt. At Landmark National Bank, our mortgage specialists are here to detail the fundamentals of a cash-out refinance loan. In this guide, we will explain just exactly what […]

New Year, Safer You: Why Creating an Emergency Fund is a Top Priority

“Life comes at you fast.” A quote many of us are all too familiar with due to the COVID-19 pandemic. From small businesses permanently closing their doors to workers being laid off across the country, the ripple effect of COVID-19 sent financial shock waves through American households for months on end. Fortunately—due to recent vaccination […]

Community Reinvestment

CRA The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) of 1977 was implemented by the regulatory agencies to ensure banks record their efforts in helping to meet the credit needs of its entire community, including low- and moderate-income neighborhoods. It also requires insured depository institutions make certain information available to the public. Landmark is committed to investing in […]