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Gift & Travel Cards

The Landmark VISA® Gift Card and the Landmark VISA® Travel Card can be used anywhere VISA® is accepted. You should use your Gift Card with the “credit” option. A Travel Card comes with a PIN number, and can be used as “credit” or “debit”, as well as for cash withdrawals at an ATM.

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 Gift CardTravel Card
Cash Withdrawals AllowedNoYes
Load Amount$10-$1,000$10-$5,000
Purchase Fee$3.95$8.95
Lost/Stolen Card Replacement Fee$5.00$5.00
Inactivity Fee$2.95 per month, after 12 months of no activity$2.95 per month, after 12 months of no activity
Companion CardNot availableYes, $2.95 for each additional card; maximum 2
  • To check your balance, get a list of transactions or report a lost or stolen card, call customer service at 866-496-6183.
  • To manage your card online, visit
  • Your Landmark VISA Gift Card may only be used in the United States. Your Landmark VISA Travel Card may be used outside the United States; however, some countries are prohibited countries, and the card may not be used in those countries. Visit for the current list.