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Visa Debit Cards

Fast, Easy, Convenient!

With the Landmark VISA® Debit Card, you can use your card anywhere VISA® is accepted. In most instances, we can issue a card to you immediately in the branch when you open an account, or if you need to replace a lost or stolen card.

NEW! Mobile Wallet 

Your wallet just got smarter: now you can use Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay with your Landmark National Bank VISA®  debit card to pay quickly and conveniently at checkout in stores, online and for in-app purchases. It’s fast: no more fumbling or forgetting your card, your mobile wallet is always ready to use; and it’s secure: your card number is never exposed to merchants, keeping your transactions safe.


With the Landmark VISA® Debit Card, you can use your card anywhere VISA® is accepted.  Our debit cards come with FREE Landmark National Bank Rewards. Every time you swipe your card to make a purchase, you earn points!

  • Earn one point for every $100 spent when you use your card as a “credit” transaction
  • Earn one-half point for every $100 spent when you use your card as a “debit” transaction
  • Invite your friends and family to Landmark, and you earn 350 points when they open an account
  • Earn even more points when you upgrade your debit card to a My Rewards™ Gold or Platinum Card for a low monthly fee.  You can earn up to five times more rewards points, plus qualify for many other valuable benefits.

To start using rewards, login to our online rewards site using the Quick Link on the right of this page, or at, and register.  Your points will be automatically deposited to your account every month! For more information regarding Landmark National Bank’s Rewards Program, call 910-202-3383 or email

Card Security

We have great options to help you protect your card every day.  With our debit card text alerts, you’ll receive a text if our system detects a suspicious transaction – maybe one that is outside our normal geographic area or being attempted on a foreign website.  The text will ask you to confirm whether or not you attempted the transaction.  Reply ‘Yes’ and you will be able to try the transaction again. Reply ‘No’ and we’ll freeze the card and walk through the process of helping you obtain a new card number.  If you don’t reply at all, we’ll freeze your card until we get additional information from you.

We also offer a card monitoring and limit service with our CardValet® app.  Download this app to your phone, and you’ll get a notification every single time your card is used, with the location and the dollar amount.  If you’re trying to establish or stick to a budget, you can set spending limits, set geographic limits, even set thresholds by merchant types, such as gas, groceries or retail stores.  Turn your card off and then turn it back on.  You have the flexibility to control your card wherever you are.

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