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Get Organized & Go Green with Landmark National Bank’s E-Statements

E-Statements are a convenient, environmentally-conscious way to receive information about your Landmark National Bank accounts. When you switch to our free E-Statements, you get all the same information you would in a paper statement, but with several benefits:

E-Statements are faster than traditional bank statements.

By switching to E-Statements, you’ll have access to your end of cycle account information one or two days earlier than with traditional paper statements.

E-Statements are secure.

Landmark National Bank E-Statements are locked behind multiple layers of security, reducing the risk of identity theft that can come from lost or stolen paper documents.

E-Statements are convenient.

With E-Statements, you can access 18 months of statements from one screen. In addition, they are delivered in an easy-to-use PDF format. Download and share documents as you need them.

E-Statements are environmentally-friendly.

When you receive your statement electronically, you can reduce the usage of and impact on natural resources. As an additional bonus, the PDF format allows for printing when physical documentation is 100% necessary.

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Get started with E-Statements today!

Signing up for E-Statements from Landmark National Bank is easy. Follow the steps below: Don’t forget: The notification that your E-Statements is ready to view is sent to the email address you provide for online banking. Make sure this information is updated if you change your email.

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Speak to one of our customer service representatives or contact us today.

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