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Everyday Spend Checking Account

Personal Checking Account for a Hassle-Free Banking Experience

If you’re ready to begin your personal checking journey, look no further than the Everyday Spend Checking Account at Landmark National Bank. 

The Everyday Spend Checking Account is perfect for anyone looking for an easy, stress-free banking experience. It’s as simple as making an initial $50 deposit and then spending your money how you want to. 

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Youth Checking Account

At Landmark National Bank, we are here to help all of our first-time bankers. 

The Everyday Spend Checking Account is the ideal account for teens, college students, and anyone else who’s opening a checking account for the first time. It’s easy banking at its finest. 


Youth Savings Account

In addition to the Everyday Spend Checking Account, we also offer a Youth Savings Account for children and teens under the age of 18. 

This savings account requires a $25 opening balance. After that, you will begin earning interest and will be provided six free withdrawals per month. 


Open an Everyday Spend Checking Account With Landmark National Bank

Opening a checking account with Landmark is easy—just stop into one of our many locations or open an Everyday Spend Checking Account online without leaving your home.

All you need is a $50 initial deposit to begin to gain access to the following features:

Questions about overdraft protection for Everyday Spend Checking Accounts? Contact your local branch for more information. Open your Everyday Spend Checking Account or switch from your current bank today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rates and fees for an Everyday Spend Checking Account?

There is no monthly service charge associated with the Everyday Spend Checking Account. For the most accurate information on rates and fees, contact your local Landmark National Bank. 

Is there a minimum deposit or minimum balance for an Everyday Spend Checking Account?

The minimum opening balance for an Everyday Spend Checking Account is $50. Once you have made that initial deposit, there is no required minimum balance. 

Can I get a couple’s debit card with my Everyday Spend Checking Account?

Yes! You can add one or more authorized users to your Everyday Spend Checking Account, each with their own personal Landmark Visa debit card.

What are the benefits of an Everyday Spend Checking Account?

The Everyday Spend Checking Account is the perfect place to start for anyone opening a bank account for the first time. This is our most popular type of checking account because it’s hassle-free, and gives you an easy way to deposit and spend your money.


Open a Personal Checking Account with Landmark National Bank

When you need a personal checking account that suits your lifestyle, Landmark National Bank is here to help. Reach out to your local branch today to find out how our personal checking accounts can help you streamline your everyday banking needs.