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Convenient Financial Calculators

Find out how to meet your financial goals with Landmark National Bank

Looking for immediate, straightforward answers regarding the costs and benefits of your loan, refinance, or retirement fund? You can find the information you need with Landmark National Bank.

From calculating your APR for a fixed rate loan to determining your break-even point for debt freedom, Landmark’s team of financial professionals have you covered with these helpful tools. Looking for a quick estimate for a mortgage? Dive into our Quick Rate Calculator. Additionally, you can talk with one of our mortgage specialists or schedule an appointment for more information about your financial options.

Ready to take your next step toward applying for a loan, refinancing your home, and more? Apply online or visit your local Landmark National Bank branch today.

Certificate of Deposit Calculator

Discover how much interest your Certificate of Deposit (CD) can earn with Landmark National Bank.

Checkbook Balancer

Keep track of your finances and balance your checkbook with a few calculations.

Compound Savings Calculator

Want to know how much interest your savings account could accumulate? Learn more with Landmark National Bank.

Enhanced Loan Calculator

Calculate a variety of potential loan options to evaluate which one is right for you.

Snowball Debt Elimination Calculator

Learn how you can properly manage or accelerate your debt payments.

Roth 401(k) vs. Traditional 401(k) Calculator

Determine which retirement option best fits your plan for the future.

Mortgage Calculator with Taxes and Insurance

Supplement your financial planning with a mortgage calculator that takes taxes and insurance into account.

Should I Refinance Calculator

Not sure if refinancing is right for you? Find out the costs and benefits with Landmark.

Home Rent vs. Buy Calculator

Deciding to rent or buy a home is a difficult decision. Know all your options with our helpful calculator.

Mortgage Payoff Calculator

Increasing your mortgage payments may help you save interest. Learn about your mortgage payoff options today.