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Privacy and Security Are A Top Priority

There are hundreds of ways that someone can get your personal information and steal your identity. Many do it to gain financial advantage, access credit or other benefits, or even evade the law. With December being Identity Theft Awareness and Prevention Month, individuals must be aware of identity theft and the most common types. At Landmark National Bank, privacy and security are our top priorities, and we want to help you keep your identity and personal information safe at all costs.

Financial Identity Theft

Financial identity theft is the most common type and occurs when an individual uses another person’s info to attain goods, services, or information. For example, a thief could use stolen bank account numbers, debit card numbers, or other personal financial information to completely wipe out your accounts, take out loans or obtain credit cards. You may notice suspicious activity on one of your cards or accounts and realize you weren’t the one making those purchases.

It’s crucial to check your accounts regularly and pay close attention to what charges appear to avoid being a victim of financial identity theft.

Medical Identity Theft

Medical identity theft is when someone steals your information to submit fraudulent claims to Medicare or other insurers to try and procure free medical care. Often, people don’t have health insurance or can’t afford it. They will attempt to get prescriptions or receive medical care under your name with your information.

Medical identity theft can negatively affect your medical records, health insurance costs, and in the long run, possibly your credit report. To avoid this type of identity theft, you’ll want to shred any old documents that contain personal information, continue to check your credit, and check your medical records every so often.

Criminal Identity Theft

Criminal Identity theft, although not as common, takes place when an individual pretends to be someone else to avoid arrest, court, or a warrant for their actual identity. It can also mean someone is pretending to be you while committing crimes to avoid getting caught.

Keeping an eye on your Social Security number, driver’s license, and other important documents in a safe place is crucial to avoid criminal identity theft. If someone takes your information and it goes unnoticed, they could commit fraud and crimes under your name without you knowing for years. If you find yourself a victim of criminal identity theft, it’s important to take steps to protect yourself and remedy the situation.

Child Identity Theft

Adults aren’t the only target when it comes to stealing someone’s identity. It’s common for someone to obtain a child’s personal information to gain credit, a specific residence, or employment. This type of identity theft is less likely to get discovered and can go on for years. Accounts and loans can get opened under a child’s name without anyone suspecting a thing.

It’s important to keep your child’s documents and information in a safe and secure place and frequently monitor your child’s credit reports.

Avoid Identity Theft With Landmark National Bank

Identity theft is no joke, so make sure to stay aware and always keep your personal information personal.

When you choose to bank with Landmark National Bank, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your privacy and safety are our top priority. Read up on all of our privacy and security measures, and open a personal savings account with us today!

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