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Managing Your Subscriptions

Subscribing to a newspaper or signing up for the hot new streaming service is easier than ever. With a few clicks, you can enjoy the latest movies, news, podcasts, and other entertainment. Free trials make these memberships even more appealing.

But that convenience is also what makes it so easy to pay for more entertainment or information than you can possibly consume. Learning how to manage your subscriptions can help prevent forgotten charges from appearing on your bank statement.

How to See What Subscriptions You Have

The costs of your $8.99 streaming service, $9.99 newspaper subscription, and $11 food delivery membership may not seem like much individually. But together, they can put a strain on your budget.

It’s easy to forget that you’ve signed up for a seemingly inexpensive service, and even easier to forget about free trials. Learn how to track your subscriptions and rescue your budget with Landmark National Bank.

Tracking Subscriptions in Your Digital Wallet

For subscriptions attached to a digital wallet, it’s relatively simple to see what you’re paying for every month. Google Pay and Apple Pay users can see existing memberships by heading to the Subscriptions section. Google users will find theirs under “Payments and Subscriptions”; it’s found under “Settings” for Apple users.

PayPal-funded subscriptions are listed under the “Payments” tab, which you can access by selecting the settings icon.

How to Manage Subscriptions

App developers took note of the challenge multiple subscriptions pose to consumers’ wallets. They responded by creating apps to track and manage memberships and automatic payments. Some options for finding your subscriptions include:

  • Mint
  • Trim
  • Subby
  • Bobby
  • Truebill
  • Track My Subs

Some apps are free; others charge a fee or offer tiered membership options. It might seem ironic to pay for a membership to an app that tracks your paid subscriptions, but if it works, it’s worth it.

How to Avoid the Over-Subscription Trap

Companies know what they’re doing. Free trials offer a great way to check out a streaming service or other membership, but they do make it easy to add another bill to your monthly budget without even noticing. Even worse, fewer companies offer the 30-day free trials that were once so common.

Instead, you get seven days of free services. If you don’t take advantage of your new service in the first few days, you’re more likely to forget you signed up for it. Before you know it, you’re paying for yet another membership without the benefit of enjoying it. Ask yourself these questions before signing on the dotted line:

  • Am I only signing up because it’s free?
  • Do I have time to use this subscription?
  • Does this membership offer benefits I really need?

Being honest with yourself can help you avoid being swamped with subscriptions and associated fees that end up doing nothing but costing you money and effort.

Eliminate Subscriptions from Your Budget with Landmark

Knowing how to manage subscriptions can help you avoid a common money trap. While the conventional money-saving wisdom once began with dropping cable TV, today’s cord-cutters can adapt the same concept to streaming services, paid podcasts, and other sneaky budget bombs.

Landmark National Bank makes managing your finances even easier with a variety of online and mobile banking. From tracking expenses via our mobile app to earning shopping points with the Landmark National Rewards, partnering with us helps you protect and grow your finances.

Visit your local Landmark National Bank branch location and enjoy access to other financial tools and products.

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